About us

Our story began back in the beginning of the 90's. That time the evolution of other instruments and the pop music as such started to demand the drum to begin it's journey on the electric road of opportunities. Besides the numerous synthesizers and other electric sound generating instruments there was only a small selection of electric percussion surfaces, and even those were not really appealing to drummers. While constructing our electric drum pads and cymbals initially as a hobby, achieving the best and most comfortable feel was always our priority.

After the constantly growing interest the first company to officially manufacture electric drums and related accessories was founded in 2001, and produced electric drum pads under the brand name Padtech. We managed to build and maintain good relationship with worldwide influential drum manufacturers and to adopt and integrate into the more and more standardized technical systems.

Padtech Music LLC. was founded in 2006 with the definite aim to popularize electric drums as an individual instrument family. Our hard earned reputation was further enforced by having more and more renowned professional musicians joining us and using our instruments. Our goal is to make the joy of electric drums available to all levels from the "home" sets to the professional on-stage and studio productions.

The Padtech Custom Shop is offering the opportunity to create custom electric drum sets.

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Nyelvfelismerés » Hungarian