At electric drums the hi-hat has two components: the electric cymbal itself, and the controller which is detecting the transition between open and closed states.

The hi-hat cymbal is sensing the impacting hits and transforming those to electric signals. This role can be in fact performed by any other e-drum cymbals (crashes and rides as well), but for really sophisticated detection it is important to choose a product that is developed for this purpose: because of the special suspension method the cymbal remains in horizontal position like the acoustic hi-hat does.

The hi-hat controller is independent from the cymbal, and sends detected signals about how deep and strong the hi-hat pedal was pressed. The module will produce an open or closed sound depending on the signal sent by the controller.

Generally we can see two solutions available on the market:
There are pedals that are separate from the hi-hat, can be placed anywhere - these are typically cheaper, but provide modest play feel and likely to malfunction after a time due to the vulnerable parts used in them.
The other category contains those pedals that are mounted on the hi-hat stand. We only produce this type, because we believe that only this kind of controllers can provide a natural play feel. These apply different technical principles compared to the pedal controllers - without wearing parts - and are therefore almost indestructible.