Ride SR-DM Triple-zone Ride


The rides from the SR-DM series sensing hits in three separate zones: on the bow, on the edge and on the bell.


  • Triple-zone sensing: independent bow, bell and edge sensing
  • Grip mute: When gripping the edge the sound gets muted (if the attached drum module supports this feature)
  • Made of unbreakable plastic
  • The thick coating on the whole surface is resulting a silent operation and comfortable play feel
  • Can be mounted on any traditional cymbal stand
  • Controlled swing
  • Natural play feel and silent operation



Triple-zone 16 inch ride, compatible with Roland TD-12, TD-20, TD-20X and TD-30 modules.


Triple-zone 16 inch ride, compatible with Roland TD-3, TD-6, TD-4, TD-9 modules.

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Technical parameters

Connector 6.35mm TRS (stereo jack)
Sensor modes piezo/piezo/switch
Diameter 16"