Triggers TR-D internal trigger


With the help of our trigger inserts any traditional acoustic drum can be converted to electric. No need for extra tool or experience for building in, you only need a drum key: Remove the drum head, place the trigger insert into the shell, put back and tighten the original head or a mesh one, connect the cable.


  • Invisible from the outside, can't become loosen or fall down
  • Dual-zone sensing: head and rim hit detection
  • Excellent rebound and play feel
  • Outstanding dynamics, even the smallest hits are sensed accurately
  • Built-in damping to damp drum head and reduce noise level while increase triggering accuracy in the same time
  • Compatible with the most of the drum-modules available on the market



Dual-zone trigger inlay for 8 inch shells.


Dual-zone trigger inlay for 10 inch shells..


Dual-zone trigger inlay for 12 inch shells.


Dual-zone trigger inlay for 13 inch shells..


Dual-zone trigger inlay for 14 inch shells.


Dual-zone trigger inlay for 16 inch shells.

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Technical parameters

TR-10 TR-08D TR-10D TR-12D TR-13D TR-14D TR-16D
Connector 6.35mm TRS (stereo jack)
Rim sensing yes
Diameter 8" 10" 12" 13" 14" 16"